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The diversity of services in foundation engineering can be proved by the enormous variability of our services. Our services involve

  • The consulting concerning geotechnical risks
  • The development of new solutions with regards to cost-efficient and safe foundation engineering
  • their proper and efficient execution
Buoyancy security
Buoyancy security of concrete plates for tunnels, trough structures and lock chambers
Deep foundation

Deep foundation of stadiums, hospitals, masts, residential- and officebuildings, windpower- and industrial plants and other structures

Excavation security
Excavation security solutions for constricted city regions and open spaces
Acclivity and bank revetments
Acclivity and bank revetments near to waterways, embankments, ports and river banks
Abutment anchoring
Abutment anchoring on rail bridges and piers
Foundation reinforcements
Foundation reinforcements in basements or in constricted spaces, at heritage-protected places and other sites
Soil improvement
Soil improvement and obstruction to stabilize structures, water proofing joints and infilling chambers
Weaponry exploration
Weaponry exploration using our own system by explorating the drill axis whilst producing the piles or anchors
Examination and Testing
Proof loads at piles regarding pressure and traction, performance testings, documentation and evaluation of all relevant data