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Facts & figures

Date of Formation:


Area of Application:

Germany and surrounding European countries


Hydraulic engineering, railway construction, road construction, civil engineering, public construction, commercial construction, house / apartment construction


Micropiles, ground anchors, displace­ment piles, soil injections, jet work


about 80


50+ drilling rigs and other special civil engineering equipment

Project Volumes:

€ 10,000 - € 10,000,000

Inventory of equipment

  • 20 anchor- and micro pile drilling rigs (from 2,5 to 25 t)
  • 20+ mixing and grouted anchoring units, type “Scheltzke or Obermann”
  • 6 mini-excavators with special-pile-grippers
  • 2 telescope forklifter and loaders
  • 30+ cars
  • Complete unit for drilling and grounded anchoring data recording

Our flexible drilling and anchoring units are able to

  • Produce pile diameters up to 300 mm
  • Drill vertical micro-piles in rooms with a maximum height of 2 meters
  • Reach well location points up to 10 m
  • Drill overhead at quay walls
  • Drive trough doors with 1m width
  • Produce mirco piles of 60 meters length in special drilling procedures
  • Drill through concrete foundations in 30 m depth underwater
  • Work non-arcingly in high-risk chemical plants
  • Quarry contaminated drill cuttings